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Mentoring Roundtables


Saturday, 11:15 AM - 5:00 PM, Studio Grounds

2019 Mentoring Roundtables are SOLD OUT

Sponsored by Netflix

Mentoring Roundtables take place at one-hour intervals throughout the day on Saturday, starting at 11:15 AM (PT).

Mentoring Roundtables are available by registration only. There is an additional cost of $100 to participate.

Here’s how it works.

Mentoring Roundtables take place in a relaxed, intimate setting.

Small groups of up to 10 attendees can ask questions of, and seek advice from the mentor of their choice.

Attendees get to connect with experienced producers and get answers to any questions they might have regarding any projects they have in development.

This year’s mentors include Gene Stein (President, Gaumont Television, U.S.), Shivani Rawat (CEO, ShivHans Pictures), Gary Lucchesi (President, Lakeshore Entertainment), Mike Farah (CEO, Funny or Die), Lori McCreary (CEO & Co-Founder, Revelations Entertainment), Gabe Spitzer (Director, Original Documentary, Netflix), Tracey Edmonds (CEO and President, Edmonds Entertainment), Stacey Wolf (Vice President of Business Affairs, CNN Worldwide) and Peter Micelli (Chief Strategy Officer, Film and Television, eOne).

Mentoring Roundtables run concurrent with other Produced By Conference sessions, which means that attendees may be unable to attend a regular session that conflicts with a Roundtable slot.

Please note: This is not a pitch forum. Pitching is not allowed. For information on our pitch session, please see The Art and Craft of Pitching.

Roundtable Mentors

Director, Nonfiction Originals, Netflix

President, Lakeshore Entertainment

President, Gaumont Television U.S.

CEO & Co-Founder, Revelations Entertainment

Chief Executive Officer, Funny Or Die

Chief Strategy Officer, Film & Television, eOne

Founder & CEO, ShivHans Pictures

Vice President of Business Affairs, CNN Worldwide

CEO and President, Edmonds Entertainment