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Producers Mashup


Sunday, 12:45 - 1:30 PM and 1:45 - 2:30 PM, Studio Grounds

Sponsored by the Honolulu Film Office and PRG VER

The Producers Mashup is an exciting networking event, which gives Produced By Conference attendees the chance to ask questions of veteran producers and production company executives.

The event features four distinct tracks:

  • Feature film
  • Scripted television
  • Unscripted television
  • Digital media

Plus one new track, Ground-Up Mashup, presented by the Guild’s AP Council, and featuring producers who will offer their candid advice on the pitching process – from delivery to production.

Here’s how it works.

A small group of participants (under 10 individuals) are seated at a table with a producer or production/creative executive. Members of the group have 15 – 20 minutes to ask at least one question of the advisor.

When the time is up, the advisor rotates to another table, and a new advisor steps in.

Each table has the opportunity to meet with three advisors over the course of the event, including at least one producer and one production company executive.

After the third mentoring session, attendees will go to the food trucks for lunch and the advisors will take a short break.

The Producers Mashup does not replace Saturday’s Mentoring Roundtables.

Please note: This is not a pitch forum. Pitching is not allowed. For information on our pitch session, please see The Art and Craft of Pitching.

Mashup Advisors

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